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In the current economic climate, it is now more important than ever for companies to stand guard against data breeches. The
increasing risk from hackers and corporate pressure to be financially stringent leaves no room for a lax data protection plan.
Monetary legal accountability, loss of reputation and customer trust, fines, lawsuits, and accompanying expenses from data loss
or non-compliance are risks no one can afford to take.

This premier marcus evans conference will present cuttingedge methodology and practices for maintaining the highest standards in data protection and privacy. Delegates will learn to use corporate binding rules to their utmost advantage, protect employee and client data, and ensure secure information transfers.
In addition, conference attendees will depart with the knowledge to establish immediate data ownership, ensure compliance in multinational data transfers, and reduce the threat of information security breeches. By harnessing these practices,
delegates will safeguard their company against the monetary and reputational costs of data breeches, ensure multi-jurisdictional
compliance, and maximise client relations with a stellar reputation in data protection and privacy.

Who should attend:

Vice Presidents, Directors and Heads of:
• Data Protection
• Legal
• Compliance
• IT

Together with:
• Chief Privacy Officers
• Chief Legal Officers
• General Counsel
• IT Professionals
• Information Lawyers and Officers
• e-commerce Lawyers
• CIOs
• e-business Professionals
• Consultants
• Marketing and Human Resources Managers
• Auditors